A BERNINA dealer for over 39yrs.  That makes BCS the oldest BERNINA dealership in the state of Ohio! With a whole product line to choose from, Beth's has become known for placing customers into the correct machine... because we know our product. BERNINA has focused on detail that not just an professional seamstress should expect, but the reliablility a avid and novice hobbiest can rely on. All BERNINA sewing machines place QUALITY FIRST. Fluff comes and goes... quality last forever. When you purchase a BERNINA, it's more about the quality, and less about the laundry list. Our favorite saying about BERNINA?... 

Nothing sews like a BERNINA.... NOTHING.

It's all about the...


If you're truly "working" or just "creating", it still makes it easier if you have all the right "toys"! Let's just call them "tools" so that everyone knows we are really serious about our craft!           If there is a task... BERNINA has the tool. If BERNINA has the tool; BCS has it, has used it, can demostrate it, has advice on it. 

BERNINA has made every sewing product with YOU in mind. Can it make your task easier? Can it make your project better? Can it make your creativity shine? Yes. YES. And YES!

You can look to Beth's Creative Stitchery to be your BERNINA partner in providing all of the after the sale advice and proper tools.

Made by your neighbors...

Horn of America


What else do we do?

Made in Sutton WV. 

At BCS, we have carried the Horn of America line for over 30 years. 

When the saw dust has settled... we still keep coming back to Horn.                                       Why?...                                                                                                                                                         They have been THE leader in home sewing room furniture. 

It come down to 2 factors... Price. Quality. 

We have carried ALL of the other brands. And while some of the other brands have offered a cool feature, the Horn of America cabinets have alway been the cream-of-the-crop!   With solid style and pricing, the Horn cabinet has been a best seller. Regardless of what other brands have toted, when it comes down to how you "decorate" your sewing space... start with a Horn of America cabinet. 

If you need a sewing notion?

How about some quality thread?

Scissor shapened?

Machine serviced other than a BERNINA?

We always say...

1st... We sell BERNINA sewing machines.

2nd... We support the BERNINA customer.

3rd... We sell quality sewing notions and have the current most popular trending supplies.

4th... We are in your "HOOD". Looking for a basic notion? We just might have it. 

We have... Embroidery machine staliblizers, Isacord emboridery thread, Mettler all-purpose sewing thread, DMC thread, Wonderfil thread, OESD emborideries, interfacing, muslin, batiste, rayon batik fabric, scissors, needles, Koala sewing chairs, Tutto luggage, basic sewing notions, quilting notions...

Steve Coats, owner of Graceland Sewing Machine is also located with-in our space. He has over 30 years of experience with Singer, Janome and other brand servicing. Just enter our front door, walk past the main service counter. He is located two doors on the right. Look for his sign hanging above his repair "cave" (as we call it!).

Beth's Creative Stitchery umberella holder sample
Showroom floor
showroom floor thread isle
Street sign 5350 North High St Columbus ohio 43214
Showroom floor, machine demo area
isacord thread 2
Needle wall
Rayon Batik Fabric

bernette by BERNINA & EverSewn...

A machine for every budget

Ranging from $179 to $799. If you're into CosPlay or childs play, artful sewing or heartful sewing, the bernette by BERNINA line or EverSewn machine will have the features you will fall in love with.

From the affordable bernette Sew&Go to the more expert expectations of the b38, the bernettes by Bernina will have the ease and quality you are looking for. Check them out at www.mybernette.com

Or try the colorful fun machines by EverSewn. They may look fun but will also meet the needs of that serious sewist. Take a look at the beautiful limited edition rose gold Sparrow 30 complete with an automatic thread cutter! Meet them at www.eversewn.com.