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BERNINA Sewing Machine Repair Central Ohio



sewing machine service Columbus
BERNINA Sewing Machine Repair Central Ohio
BERNINA Sewing Machine Repair Columbus, OH

Sewing Machine Service Columbus

A leader in BERNINA Sewing Machine repair and service, there are very few issues we cannot solve!

If you own a 730 from the 1970's or the newest machine in the line, you should trust only a dealership with experience to handle your "baby".

We never pre-charge a service fee to look at your machine. We know when you bring it in if we can service it or not! We can give you an estimate on the spot. We can often tell you what the problem is and the cause, before we even get the machine on the bench! This is what our sewing experience has to offer.

Does being "Certified" in sewing machine service mean anything?

There is no such thing in the sewing machine industry!

One can be an "Authorized" dealer. Being "Authorized" means the sewing machine company provides occasional official training (mostly 1 day events on new product) and original replacement parts can be ordered directly. It is more important to take your machine to its "Authorized" dealer than to a "Certified" repair person. There is no college or accredited course that can be taken to learn how to repair sewing machines. You learn by getting mentored (for a long period of time), attending the very limited dealer trainings (very few are really offered or required), servicing MANY machines and have the talent. Sew, if someone tells you they are "Certified", it often means an 8 hour class was taken. You can not learn to service an entire line of machines in an 8 hour class. Getting "Certified" is like the participation ribbon! No test are given to prove knowledge or worthiness. It is not a "pass" or "fail" thing. Anyone can hang up a sign and start repairing sewing machines... it doesn't mean they are good at it!

Sew, who do you trust?

The service person who has no or very little official training with BERNINA's?

The "husband" who is forced to service the machines?

The $29 home service guy?

Trust us with 33 years of experience in BERNINA sewing machine repair and over 10,000 machines serviced.

Sewing Machine Service Columbus | Fees

Our basic sewing machine service fee starts at $99 and has a 1 year warranty*.

Hooks are removed and inspected, pulley's are removed and cleaned, all dust and thread removed, critical adjustment are made, tension set, machine oiled and an extensive test sew is performed. This is not a full listing of the service performed on your machine because as we service, we are searching for issues that could cause problems in the future or you are unaware of. When your sewing machine service is completed, it is almost as clean as the first day you brought it home!

We also do what is called a "Super Head Frame" on older sewing machines (1020 to 1630). This sewing machine service involves more labor. We also repair the light switch (a 1 only time operation). This level of service is only done about every 8 to 12 years depending on the amount the machine has been used and how often in the past it was serviced.

BERNINA sewing machines produced after 1997 (3 digit model numbers) have time clocks and stitch counters built in. We use these facts to know the sewing machine service level. We also record these numbers for future use. We keep a full, detailed record of all services.

Some of our newer, top-of-the-line BERNINA sewing machine models do require a little more care and attention. Sometimes a slightly higher fee is required.

If you purchased your machine from us, you can expect some extra special attention: minor issues are handled without a service fee and on the spot sewing machine repair.

And if you own a Top-Of-The-Line... Don't be surprised to see N/C (no charge) on the service invoice after your two years free service expire!

*One year warranty covers the original intent of the dated service. One year warranty may or may not cover additional issues that occur during the warranty period. Additional charges might be required IF it would have been customary to upcharge, for that issue, with the original service. The one year warranty applies to labor only.

Click here to learn about the BERNINA warranty.

Sewing Machine Repair
Sewing Machine Repair
Sewing Machine Service Central Ohio

Current Service Report:

Oscillating Hooks (Machines with metal bobbin that are solid or have 7 holes. Also have up to 5mm needle swing) - "Green" as of April 12, 2017.

Rotating Hooks (Bobbins can be metal with multiple square-ish holes or large black. Machine with 9mm needle swing.) -

"Green" as of April 12, 2017.

While most machines will be service with-in a 7 day turnaround, some machines will take longer.

White - very little wait time. Could be same week turn


Green - 5 to 7 days turn around.

Yellow - A little behind, but there is light at the end of 

          the  tunnel! Turn around time is about 7 to 14      

         days from drop off.

Red - We are really backed up! Plan on OVER 2 weeks to

         even get the machine on the bench.

Please make sure to bring your bobbin case and have your regular Zig-Zag plate on your machine. We need both to do a full service. Bring foot controls for Sergers.

We service machines almost every day of the week. We also service in the order in which they arrive.

We know some BERNINA owners wish to have us service their machines live a distance from the store or have sewing business. We can schedule an appointment in advanced. Plan to drop your machine off no later than 10:30 to 11am and pick-up around 3pm.

Sometimes we are just crazy busy with machine services! Please be patient! It will be worth the wait.

Plan to have your machine serviced while you go on vacation, mid summer (if we don't have a heat wave!), after Thanksgiving weekend to early January. Sometimes late spring is a perfect time to have your machine serviced.

If some reason you end up taking your machine to a less experienced repair person, remember... to undo their mistake, or to truly fix your issue is going to cost you a second repair fee, if not more if they caused further damage to your machine. We won't fix their mistake for free. SEW, do yourself a favor, just trust the most experience BERNINA repair in the state of Ohio... anybody else is just a waste of money! And its just plain unethical to charge to "service" or "repair" a machine when the "service technician" has little, if no training.

Lastly, we keep an extensive record of your repair. We include all details! We code your machine AND use our data base to keep records. We know your repair history, the hours on your machine, the general state or condition of your machine and any parts replaced.


Sewing Machine Service Columbus
BERNINA Sewing Machine Repair Columbus
BERNINA Sewing Machine Repair Central Ohio

Sewing Machine Service Central Ohio (614) 436-2611