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Purchase Policy and Warranty

We feel so strongly about the service we offer after the sale,

that we have dedicated an entire page to covering its details.

The BERNINA Warranty

Every BERNINA Sewing Machine comes with 20 years mechanical, 2 years electrical and 5 years on the circuit boards.

Of course, with over 33 years of service experience, we happily warranty EVERY BERNINA sewing machine. The manufactures warranty applies to the original purchasing customer. If you did not purchase your machine from Beth’s Creative Stitchery, it might be necessary to also provide a certificate of purchase (or sales receipt with a purchase date) so that the age of the machine can be verified. If the machine was purchased from Beth’s, we still maintain an extensive purchase file of every customer… it might be electronic or in our vast card file!


At the time of purchase, we take a few extra minutes to have you complete your warranty card and we send it in for you.


To be fully compliant to the BERNINA warranty, BERNINA requires customers to take their instructional lessons with-in 90 days. At Beth’s, you may complete your class at your leisure. See more details about our extensive class below.

Mastering Your Bernina education program

Every machine we sell includes an extensive lesson program. It is why we say we are "Super" educators -  we exceeds BERNINA’s dealer requirement up to almost 600%!

According to the BERNINA DEALER HANDBOOK dealers are only required to offer 2 (3 hour) classes on most machines and 1 (3 hour) class if an embroidery module is included.


At Beth’s Creative Stitchery, the 215 (the start of the BERNINA line) gets no fewer than 4 – 3 hour classes and 6 Bernina Club classes. That’s 30 hours of classes! What would you rather have… 6 hours or 30?


With a top-of-the-line machine like the 8 series and 7 series, your investment could include up to 66 hours of instruction. We start with the “Getting Started” series that highlights the exclusive features of these fabulous machines. The Mastering Your Bernina program contains 7 more classes that take you on a comprehensive tour which includes experiencing  just about every construction stitch and buttonhole on the machine,  highlight some of the most popular BERNINA presser feet and viewing the extensive consumer set-up options and memory functions . You do want to get the most out of your investment, right? We literally touch every foot and investigate every area of your machine.


Bernina Club is your continuing education program. Seven more classes are provided to help further explore all of your machines hidden talents.


And we haven’t even mentioned the embroidery classes!


Click on the link to see a full listing of the classes provided with each purchase and a brief description.

2 years of FREE SERVICE

Lot’s of places give some free service…Beth’s is experienced and comprehensive. We have 33 years and thousands of services to prove it.

If you purchase your machine from Beth’s, the complimentary service does not stop at 2 years. We know that some issue are “small” and can be taken care of quickly. We REALLY know BERNINA’s! One of our favorite things to do is to fix your issue, and you’re out the door, WITH YOUR MACHINE IN HAND, in a matter of minutes! We do a LOT of FREE things for customers who purchase a machine from us. You support us…we support you!


We recently had a customer, in the middle of a project, have a “tension issue”. As we were removing the un-needed equipment, we noticed the bobbin was not threaded correctly. We pointed this out to the customer, that this was likely the cause of her “problem”. We popped her machine on the bench, test sewed the machine and it sewed perfect. Can you just see the smile on her face as she got to leave the store with her machine and go home to finish her project! A lot of places would have never noticed the bobbin case, and if they did, the machine would have been checked in for servicing. A couple days later, the customer would be called and charged a service fee.


Do we want to give away servicing? NO. But sometimes it’s just the right thing to do… help out a customer with minor problems. It makes them feel valued and not taken advantage of.


We do a lot of this type of thing for our valued customers… it just one way we say “thank-you” for your loyalty and your business.

Some places sometimes offer a bit more free service to off-set their lack of knowledge and make you feel like you are getting a better value. But what is more valuable? Knowledgeable, experienced service or an extra free year or two because they don't know what they are doing? Won't that "FREE" service COST  you in the long run??

New for 2015

Our extended service warranty for 8 Series machines.

Our top-of-the-line customers have always enjoyed the privilege of a little extra customer service. Even though our FREE service policy states everyone gets 2 years, 830 and 880 owners have always received more. We never put it into writing, but, these machines have had most service fees waived over the first 4 to 5 years of ownership.

As of 2015, it is official! All 830's and 880's receive or are grandfathered into 4 years FREE service.

Why? We know what we are doing. We do not need to give away 4 years so we can practice. If your machine is used for practice, you can't complain when the service is not timely or improperly repaired. We are giving away 4 years, because it is what we have always done. It has been a silent perk to those who purchase their top-of-the-line machine from Beth's Creative Stitchery.

Trade-in Policy

Our trade-in policy might not be as good the dealer down the road.

 It is a “stepped” policy. The first 6 months you get your entire purchase value toward a machine of greater value. From 6 to 12 month, you get 80% of your purchase value toward a machine of greater value.


But the truth is…

Frankly, we rarely need to take a trade-in!



 PLAN AND SIMPLE…We know our machines and put you in the correct machine to begin with.

We educate you on your investment.

When you purchase the correct machine and know what it can do, you are less likely to think the next machine would be better at meeting your needs.


We are so successful at this, you will rarely find a stack of newer used machine for sale.


If you do not know your machine, you are more likely to be disappointed in your machine AND more vulnerable trading to a “better” machine. If you see a store with LOTS of newer trade-ins… maybe they are not doing a very good job of placing you with the correct machine and educating you on its features.


That’s why we ask lots of questions!  


We do take trade-ins. They tend to be older machines. Even loyal BERNINA owners with older machines want to purchase a new machine from time to time. These used machines often sell so quickly, they never reach the sales floor.


We also have a “You Sell It Policy”. You may sell your machine to a third party and IF you purchase a new higher level machine from BCS, we will provide classes and service to that person. For full details, see the .pdf on the left bar.


We also believe, TWO MACHINES ARE BETTER THAN ONE!! So, keep that older machine as a travel machine or back-up.

Use it as your new machine embroiders a project. It’s really nice to have two machines at your fingertips.