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Bernina Classes Columbus, OH

Mastering Your BERNINA at Beth's Creative Stitchery

At Beth's Creative Stitchery, we are Bernina dealers that have been in business for over 32 years, and have learned that an educated sewing machine owner is a happy sewing machine owner.

Our tradition of offering a full palette of Bernina classes started with the original owner Beth Schillig. Before Beth opened the store, she spent several years traveling for BERNINA of America as a sewing specialist. She saw, first-hand, the thirst from consumers for information about how to further use their sewing machine. With that experience, she made user education one of the bedrocks of the store.

We are certain that no other Bernina dealers in the country comes even close to what Beth's Creative Stitchery has to offer their BERNINA customers! That is why we say: “If you don’t know how to use your sewing machine, you didn’t buy it from BETH’s!”.

Beth’s Creative Stitchery Mastering Your Bernina

 Beth’s Creative Stitchery Bernina Club

 Beth’s Creative Stitchery Mastering Your Software


 Extensive user classes!

 Truly unlimited attendance!

 No time limit!

Extensive User Bernina Classes

We believe in turning over the stones for you. Why should it be up to you to learn all of your new machines tricks? Hey! Even we go to trainings!!


So, relax! Leave your education up to us. We will make sure you learn what your investment can do. This very well might be your first formal sewing machine instruction class.


Every machine starts with our extensive Beth’s Creative Stitchery Mastering Your BERNINA guide lesson. Depending upon which machine you have purchased, you will receive 12 to 21 hours of training. That’s just the sewing part of the machine!

Embroidery Modules come with an additional 9 hours and we continue on with our BERNINA Club. All together you can expect 33 to 66 hours of instruction depending on your machine model.


And, if you purchase software, add up to 45 hours of additional instruction. With our software classes, expect to take 2 or 3 core software classes to get started and continue with our Mastering Your Software Club. Our software club does have a small fee, but, you will leave with  full color instructions and a class recorded video.

Unlimited and No Time Restraint

Many stores will tell you that the classes they offer are “unlimited”… which means that you may repeat the 2 or 3 classes offered as often as you wish. These classes also must be taken with-in a time constraint, usually 1 year.


At Beth’s, our customer receives an extensive workbook full of added materials. We provide this workbook at your first class, and it is used throughout your education process. We have edited this workbook to become truly unique to the Beth’s Creative Stitchery customer.


Interestingly enough, because of how through our classes are and because of the quality of the workbook, Beth’s customers RARELY ever need to repeat their user classes! This is credited to our quality, experienced instructors and our class materials. In the event a customer wishes to repeat their classes, the answer is always “OF COURSE! As often as you would like!”.


We put no time limit on when you must take your Bernina classes! We request that you take them in a timely fashion. But, in the event that this is not possible, we will always have a seat available for you in class! We even have customers who are just getting around to taking their first class or want to refresh YEARS after the initial purchase!


We can do this because:

  1. Every staff member owns a BERNINA, and has for many, many years!

  2. Every staff member owns more than one BERNINA and other BERNINA products.

  3. Every staff member has been through an extensive training program and follows our strict guidelines on class materials.

The only thing we ask is…

Take your Bernina classes in a timely fashion.


 Time moves forward and the machines get more sophisticated. The programming changes and so does the operating systems. If you never took the classes, purchased a second hand BERNINA or have an older machine that is inherited, please remember that our current classes are kept up to date with the current models. Most of the information does and will apply to all models of BERNINA sewing machines. But, from time to time, we will need to tell you that some information no longer applies to your older model. Please be patient, we will do our best to accommodate you and your machine needs.

To see a sample of the current class offerings, go to the Bernina USA Newsletter and select one of the listed schedules. Also, select one of the .pdf files on the left for a short overview of classes.

Bernina Classes Columbus, OH (614) 436-2611