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                          BETH'S CREATIVE STITCHERY
Sheila Turner loves to embroider and create these cute critters for a local hospital charity.
There's lots of love on that sofa!
An apple green BERNINA Nova 900 - made in the 1980's. Was available in 3 colors: beige, dark red and apple green. Pretty rare!
What happens when you over fill a plastic bobbin! That is just not going to fit in the bobbin case!
A white Feather Weight - another rare machine.
A customer found these on her vacation and brought them in to see if we knew what they where. We suspected they were some sort of pinking tool. Since she brought them in, we have seen the same tool on several web-sites.
A "toy" serger as seen next to regular sized machine. Not really a toy, but sold as a real "usable" (?) tool!
A Feather Weight with a free arm. Also rare and ahead of its time.