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Meet the staff below.

Laura Livingston

Starting in the store in 1983, Laura took over the reins in 2005. Laura has the distinction of being the "oldest" BERNINA Dealer in the State of Ohio, with 32 years at the same dealership!

One of her favorite roles at the shop is working on repairs. Laura prides the store in having one of  the best sewing machine repair depart in the entire BERNINA network. Using the "whole machine approach" is part of the reason.

Aside from the regular tasks a store owner partakes in, Laura regularly teaches many of the more advanced operator classes and updates and writes all of the Mastering Your Software classes.

"One of my most favorite products, currently in the BERNINA line is the Software 7! It is stunning wonderful! It is well designed and has become VERY consumer friendly with a really approachable look."

When Laura is not "playing" small business owner, she spends her spare time sewing (of course!), gardening (ridding her yard of bamboo), and is an avid cyclist. With her husband Scott, they both enjoy cooking and their two crazy dogs, Picot and Harry. 

Laura is long time BERNINA owner and currently sews on a Series 880, 1530, 1150 and still owns her first serger, 203.

Sharon Huber

Sharon was one of the first people Laura hired when she took over the business in 2005. Sharon is a retired Home Ec teacher and was looking for a part time job.

She teaches many of the Mastering Your Bernina, the Editor Software classes and Applique. Sharon often teaches some of the creative projects that she turned into a side business. The BERNINA wall is her department and she manages to keep it well stocked.  

With her love of jewelry making, Sharon also creates unique pieces from sea glass, enamel and silver. She is our go-to girl if we need any personal jewelry repaired!

Sharon loves to sing and perform! She is an active member in several singing groups: Columbus Women's Chorus, her church choir and can be seen in the yearly production of Vaud-Villities. To round that out, she takes yoga and in the summer can be found on her boat.

Dexter and Skyler are her and her partner Judy's pets... not to mention the Onyx, the cat!  

A 165E and Series 830 grace Sharon's sewing room! She upgraded her serger to 1150 a few years ago.

Stephen Coats

Though not really a true employee of BCS, Stephen has earned a place in the hearts of the staff.

Running the privately owned repair shop just a wall away, Stephen provides a second place for other makes and model of sewing machines to be repaired. It would not be uncommon for a customer to enter his exterior door and exit from Beth's door!

Stephen joined the shop in 2006, taking up residence in the south side of the retail suite.

Stephen has been in the sewing machine repair field for over 45 years. He was a long time employee of Graceland Singer. When the owner Carol decided to close that store, Stephen moved it to 5324 N. High St.

When Stephen is not plying his trade, he plays blues on his guitar, is a huge sports fan and has wrestling matches with his cat. 

Stephen has no interest in sewing, so he owns guitars instead!

Liz Canty

Joining the team in 2009, Liz was hired to become a service technician. If she is not in the repair room, she can also be found selling machines and teaching classes.

Liz has also started the Quilt Club that was so popular, it had to be split into 2 sessions!

Her Beginning Quilting Class is often filled before it hits the schedule. She is very patient instructor with a gift for explaining the fine art of quilting.

And if there is someone who really knows a great notion when she sees it, Liz is the one! With her good friend Teri Tope, they formed a traveling company called We've Got The Notion. The two would visit guilds to present and demonstrate a collection of quality notions and sewing supplies.

Outside of the shop, Liz is the office manager to her family business, Modern Excavating. Besides quilting, what Liz loves the most is getting away with her husband Tom, in there motor home! There Cocker Spaniel Lilly loves it even more!

A BERNINA 145 is Liz's traveling machine. At home she uses a 1090 and a Series  830. Even as a quilter, she owns a 1150!

Jodell Fischer

After retiring as an elementary  school teacher, Jodell was hired in the fall of 2004.

Beside working the sales floor, Jodell is in change of all of the notions buying for the store. When not stocking or selling a machine, she shares the teaching duties for the Mastering Your Bernina series. One of her loves is also teaching children how to sew. On Easter morning in 2013, Jodell and her husband Dave lost just about everything they owned in a house fire.

That included her entire sewing room (some fabric in storage tubs managed to survive)! Along with her two sewing machine, she lost all of her patterns and the samples used in the children's sewing program, Mini Pins. Until Jodell can get back into her newly constructed home, Mini Pins has been set aside.

Before the fire, Jodell and Beth were walking partners in the near by metro park.

Jodell and Dave are hoping to get life back to normal by the end of 2014. They will soon move back into their house with their dog Maggie.

Jodell lost a BERNINA VIRTUROSE 150,  Series 830 and a 1150 serger in the house fire. She has chosen to replace the 150 with the 350 Limited Edition Dragonflies (before they were sold out!) and will get a Series 880 after they move back into the new house. She has decided to wait until the new Sergers arrive in the fall before completing her BERNINA collection.

Carlie Dimitriadis

Carlie is no long with us as she was very fortunate to acquire a job at Chemical Abstract. She will be using her hard earned degree in electrical engineering. We wish her all the luck in the world and will miss her LOTS. She has a great sense of humor and was extremely gifted on the rotary hook machine. She is welcome back if things at CA are not to her liking and she decides to quit! She will be missed! 

Carlie joined the BCS staff in January 2015. Originally from Lexington Kentucky, she spent 5 year in Kansas working for a Bernina dealership servicing machines. Before coming to us, Carlie repaired record players and reel to reel tape decks for a local vinyl shop. When the basement shelves were finally empty of vintage record players, she walked up High St. and into our door. She will be responsible for servicing all of the Rotary Hook 9mm machine and sergers. Oh... did we mention... she has a degree in electrical engineering!

While Carlie does own a vintage 930 Bernina Record, she prefers repairing machines more then sewing on them! She is a runner, an avid vinyl (record) enthusiast, makes a mean cup of coffee and roast her own Kale chips.

Her and husband, Christos,  also do a little running to keep up with their 2 year old daughter (who is cute as a button!).

Ming Jang

Starting at the shop in late 2005, Ming brings the "artistic" twist to the shop. A master at creative sewing, Ming switched her focus from clothing to quilting. Her quilts and embroidery are jaw dropping! She is always thinking out of the box. It is always exciting to see the next project!

Ming is also a MASTER at the BERNINA software! She is so good, she digitizes and does embroidery as a side business.

If you see a fiber arts type class on the schedule, it is likely being taught by Ming.

The IT person at the store, Ming keeps every computer and store machine updated with the latest downloads. She is the one who can get your software loaded, if your computer "guru" failed. Many of the creative signage seen in the shop, came from the hand of Ming. 

Ming is in-charge of the thread and embroidery department at the shop. So, when she is not demonstrating a machine, she is filling a thread order or doing some sort of computer work.

Ming also teaches Mastering Your Bernina, Bernina Club, Mastering Your Software and almost all of the fiber arts classes offered at BCS. Some of the most creative Embroidery and Software classes were developed by Ming.

Ming and her husband live in the Westerville area and have a daughter in college. Ming is an extremely avid sewer and gardener.

Ming still uses her original BERNINA 1630. But, finds herself using her Series 830 and 630E equally. Her serger is a 2000DE. 

Carol Clements

Carol joined the shop under Beth Schillings' watch in 1995.

With a love and preference for teaching, Carol can often be found running her very popular Doll Club and teaching Mastering Your Bernina Classes.

She is known for her amazing attention to detail and her incredible skills as a seamstress. Her smocking and hand embroidery are as close to perfect as you can expect!

Carol loves embroidery (hand and machine) and it is her children's  and doll samples that stop just about every customer who comes in the store. She is also the "Queen of the Boxer"!

But, her greatest joy are her 3 grown children and her (currently) 6 grand children. She escapes as often as possible to spend time with them and sews the cutest outfits! 

Her husband Lin is close to retiring from Honda. Lots of grandchildren road trips are in their future!

Carol has owned a BERNINA for close to 30 years. She currently sews on a Series 830 (wants to upgrade to a 880!) and a BERNINA 230. She recently gave her 200E to her daughter. She has made sure all of her daughter-in-laws own a BERNINA!


Our shop dog, Picot belongs to Laura and Scott Livingston.

She is a Chinese Crested Powderpuff.

She was adopted as a puppy  in early 2007 and has been a constant companion in the shop since.

She is walked over to the store every day with her other favorite human (Scott) and her naked side kick, Harry. If you are ever in the store between 11am and 12:30pm, you might have met Harry. He is a full Chinese Crested and often sports a polar fleece coat (made by Laura, of course).

Picot is a very sweet dog who loves people food and long petting sessions often demanding customers attention. She knows every staff member by name. She is not a fan of small children, being suddenly frighten by a very fluffy pink snowsuit one winter day shortly after joining the staff. She seeks the safety of her owner or a staff member in the event a small human comes into the store. We think she has poor vision, as often carrying a large purse or object can cause her to bark.

She often takes afternoon naps on the chair located near the front door and gets very excited to see other dogs walk by the glass door.

She will  never dart out the front door and will snoop in your purse if you leave it on the floor! She been know to steal from staff lunch bags!

She is usually at the store Tuesday to Friday.

Her buddy Harry stays home during the day, keeps the cats in line and guards the house! Although he is not "hyper", he often looks "crazed" and doesn't know how to "relax" at the shop. Guess he thinks he needs to guard the store!

Picot and Harry are like Stephen... they have no interest in sewing. Harry does have an octopus that he is obsessed with!